Shortie says…

Dear Shortie,

On "Venture Bros.," Hank and Dean got their testicles twisted. Is this possible?

-Go Team Venture

Dear Team Venture,

Unfortunately, this is possible and is called a testicular torsion. It is a very serious injury that occurs when one or more of the balls twist, causing the blood flow to stop due to a closing of the spermatic cord. It is most prevalent in adolescent males, but can affect any age. Most cases are a result of an abnormality called the bell clapper deformity, in which the testicle is not properly anchored to the scrotum wall, allowing for free rotation. They don’t actually twist around one another, rather they twist in place. If your balls hurt for longer than ten minutes, it is a good idea to seek medical attention immediately. If left untreated for six hours, there is a high chance of losing your testicle.

Dear Shortie,

How can I get my roommate to stop having sex in our room?

-Sleepless in Oswego

Dear Sleepless,

The residence halls distribute roommate agreements where both roommates decide the rules of the room. Try adding a section to the agreement, or making your own agreement with your roommate regarding sexual activity in the room. Maybe they can have sex during the time that you are not there or maybe your roommate can relocate to their significant other’s room. I think suggesting to work something out, and communicating with your roommate would really help them to understand how uncomfortable you are with their actions.

Dear Shortie,

What is the purpose of flavored condoms?

-Banana Ramma

Dear Banana Ramma,

Flavored condoms are basically made for the same reason as regular condoms. They promote safe and flavorful oral sex, as opposed to the rubbery taste of non-flavored condoms. I wouldn’t suggest just chewing or sucking on these tasty contraceptives, but if you want to sweeten up your oral sex life, give them a try.

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