Editor’s Column

Welcome back, Lakers. After yet another summer, we find ourselves on the shores of Lake Ontario, gazing at flawless sunset after sunset, preparing ourselves for the brutal monster that we call winter here in Oswego.

Some of us have taken on new challenges this year (The Oswegonian sports editor) and are still adjusting to a new schedule that involves actually waking up and going to bed at a reasonable time.

Many of us find ourselves in some sort of extracurricular activity, each holding a different amount of time that needs to be delegated to it.

However, not many of our activities are more time-consuming and stressful than those of a student-athlete. These individuals sacrifice hours every day of sleep and social time to improve their skills every day.

They go through the same hardships scholarship athletes do but don’t receive the same glamour and fame.  No major networks. No national stories. No screaming crowds.

While this is expected for a smaller Div. III school, we have to give it up for athletes who do the work they do without the reward many others get.

Laker athletes do it for pride and enjoyment of the team. They do it to compete in the moment either surrounded by their teammates, or in a more individual sport like tennis or cross country. All athletes must overcome the consternation of their own in-game thoughts and contribute the best that they can, for whatever causes them to strive.

This is my promise to you all: We at the sports section will do our absolute best to cover every angle of sports this year. We will do our best to share every story and cover every game that we at The Oswegonian can, get quotes from every coach and every player we can and give them just a little coverage that they wouldn’t get normally.

There isn’t much media in our area for sporting events, so I take responsibility for getting every story out that we can. Our friends at WTOP-10 and WNYO-88.9 offer great insight and analysis to you for live sports, but we want to be there for you when you can’t listen or watch the event live and need a quick recap, or every Friday when we can give you that feel-good feature on a great student-athlete you’ve never heard of before.