Weekly Campus Recreation Report

NARP Life poses in its championship T-shirts following a victory over Goals on Goals in the Kick It! Soccer Tournament finals (Photo provided by Gabriela Santos).
NARP Life poses in its championship T-shirts following a victory over Goals on Goals in the Kick It! Soccer Tournament finals (Photo provided by Gabriela Santos).

This past weekend Campus Recreation, Active Minds Club, and men’s and women’s club soccer hosted the Kick It! Soccer Tournament. This event benefited the Active Minds Student Organization on campus, which works to empower students to speak openly about mental health in order to educate others and encourage help seeking.

There are over 400 chapters of Active Minds throughout the U.S. that help student bodies realize that a student’s mental health and well-being are as equally important as physical, spiritual, social, and academic well-being. They want to make it known that it is OK to ask for and provide help.

There were 11 teams that competed in the Kick It! Soccer Tournament. The competition was fierce among the teams during the day-long tournament. In the semifinals, it was the Muffin Tops versus Goals on Goals, and NARP Life versus the Mud Dogs. Goals on Goals defeated the Muffin Tops and advanced to the finals, and in an overtime thriller NARP Life were able to oust the Mud Dogs for a spot in the finals. NARP Life was no match for Goals on Goals as they easily came out on top to win the tournament.

This past weekend was the 7V7 Flag Football Tournament, the tournament started April 17th with the championship games on April 19th. There was a women’s, Co-Rec and men’s Division. Participants enjoyed the intense competition brought out during flag football.

“Flag Football has really helped me polish my skills as an elite intramural competitor,” said junior Andrew Moorman, who was on the team Onondaga Hall.

In the women’s championship game it was The Laz Effect versus Rhonda’s Angels facing off for the championship T-Shirt. Rhonda’s Angels were consistently on top throughout the game, and although The Laz Effect was able to come close to Rhonda’s Angels, but they were just never quite able to catch up. Rhonda’s Angels beat The Laz Effect for the championship by a score of 30-21.

In the Co-Rec championship it was the Thirsty Turtles versus Cromartie’s Kids. The Thirsty Turtles got off to a strong start, scoring a quick touchdown and receiving six points. They followed that up with an interception. However, that was as far as their success reached as Cromartie’s Kids came back and dominated the Thirsty Turtles from there on out. Cromartie’s Kids ended up beating the Thirsty Turtles 20-6 and taking home the championship T-Shirt.

In the final game of the day, it was the Hustllin’ Homies versus The Dawg Pound who were competing for the Men’s Championship Title. There was no score for most of the game until the third quarter when the Hustllin’ Homies were able to get a touchdown. It looked like the Hustllin’ Homies had the game won, until late in the fourth quarter when the Dawg Pound came back to score a touchdown on a controversial play. They went for two points and succeeded, taking the lead 8-7. The Hustllin’ Homies did not have enough time to come back, and the Dawg Pound took home the championship title.

Senior Elliott Atland, who was a standout player on the Dawg Pound said, “The tournament was extremely competitive this year; every game was close and defensive focused. We managed to win the championship because even when our offense was cold, our defense put the pressure on and the quarterback never felt comfortable.”