Campus Rec Report

The soccer league entered the playoffs this past week with the best of the best facing off to get one step closer to a championship T-shirt.

The first game of the night in the Co-Rec Competitive League started off with the Free Ballers versus the Russian Furballs.

The beginning of the game was close with neither team able to score a goal within the opening minutes of play. Midway through the first half, the Russian Furballs were able to put the ball in the back of the net. They were up 1-0 for a while in the first half.

The Free Ballers had many opportunities, but were unable to score until later in the half. The goals came quick from that time on.

The Russian Furballs immediately came back, scoring a goal to put them in the lead again, 2-1. However, the Free Ballers scored two more goals to put them ahead 3-2 at the end of the half.

During the second half, the Free Ballers began to dominate. They were able to score five more goals in the second half, while the Russian Furballs were only able to score one. This gave the Free Ballers the 8-3 victory. Conor Hughes was a standout player for the Free Ballers, scoring four goals.

The Dead Presidents and the Average Joes faced off in the first playoff game in the Men’s Competitive League. This game was also high scoring, but not even Mike Rice and his four goals could bring the Average Joes a victory. They fell to the Dead Presidents, 8-5. Daniel Shanker and captain Ryan Purdy were standout players for the Dead Presidents. Shanker had three goals, while Purdy had two.

Volleyball also headed into the playoffs this week, with all teams looking to advance to the next round.

In the Men’s Volleyball League, We Always Get It Up was able to beat out Can You Dig It, two sets to none. Guys being Dudes had no problem winning over ZBT. They beat them in straight sets 25-7 and 25-16.

In the Co-Rec Competitive League, Block Magic was able to oust SettingDucks, two sets to one. Corec 2015 Champions easily won their match against SameSameButDifferent, two sets to one. They dominated during both sets beating them 25-14 in the first set and 25-10 in the second. Gab Likes to Get Bumped had an easy win over Dobis PR as well, beating them two sets to none.

Many students filled out their brackets last week for the NCAA Div. I Men’s Basketball Tournament. Students are facing off for a chance at the top prizes in the Oswego Campus Rec group.

March Madness is in full swing and last weekend was long and  full of surprises, close games, heartbreak and excitement.

In the Oswego Campus Rec group, Noah Murrock and John Evans are tied for first, and Tyler Wied and Conor McCormick are tied for third. The two biggest surprises of the tournament have been low seeded, but historically strong programs UCLA, Wichita State and Michigan State who are the three lowest seeds in the Sweet 16. It is only possible for the top two seeds to meet for a berth in the Final Four in the West and South regions. In Oswego’s group pool all but nine people have their national champion alive in the tournament.