New York-based MisterWives’ euphoric, viral indie-pop melodies

Although they are newcomers to the music scene, MisterWives are sure to make an impact on the charts and on social media. (Photo provided by
Although they are newcomers to the music scene, MisterWives are sure to make an impact on the charts and on social media. (Photo provided by

Quickly rising to the top of viral charts and streaming service lists, MisterWives, an indie-pop band created in New York City, have become darlings of the industry. Their infectiously sugary vibe, creative and unique upbeat tempos and unbelievable ability to create a party atmosphere have led the band of five to become an unstoppable force. Through lead singer, Mandy Lee’s unique, warbling falsettos and eminent stage-presence, the band only becomes more noteworthy.

Hot off the heels of their debut EP, “Reflections,” the release of their first full-length LP is, to no one’s surprise, incredibly likeable. Titled “Our Own House,” MisterWives’ latest endeavor is more of an expansion than anything else. Following the path of their hits, MisterWives’ “Our Own House” will prove hard to hate. With tracks that bounce like a toddler on a trampoline, the highly synthesized group will surely work for audiences of a wide age range. While seemingly innocent, the group is able to maintain enough authority and maturity to create radio appeal.

Opening the album is the title track to “Our Own House.” And, with undying commitment to their irresistible style, the trumpeting track is the perfect introduction to everything MisterWives is. Exuding confidence and potential, “Our Own House,” is easily one of the record’s greatest tracks.

“Best I Can Do,” is the album’s most chaotically appealing track. With flourishing instrumentals and frantic vocals provided by Lee, “Best I Can Do,” is entirely danceable and work-out worthy. Lyrics about the inability to live up to expectations will resonate with any audience member. Its easily catch-worthy hook and simplistic structure make “Best I Can Do” the perfect Top 40 track.

With “Coffins,” MisterWives presents their ability to create emotion-filled ballads that are both soothing and powerful. Containing swooning vocals and solemn instrumentals, “Coffins” continuously builds throughout its runtime. By its conclusion, listeners will be captivated in a sea of feelings.

Drama shines through “Queens.” Fiercely sentimental, this song is as stirring as it is alluring. Through riveting loops, strong structural compositions, and Lee’s melodies each moment of “Queens” is impactful. Defined through lyrics about her home in Queens, each listener will be able to feel connected through the creation of their own meanings and life experiences.

On “Hurricane,” MisterWives showcases their ability to generate anthemic hooks. Through untamed lyrics and a certain sense of youth-in-rebellion, “Hurricane” is the album’s greatest piece. Like popping a balloon filled with confetti, this track is brimming with                                       entertainment value.

For some reason, any negative sentiments are hard to make against this appealing, feel-good album. Providing only the most energetic, most entertaining vibes possible, “Our Own House” is hard to not fall in love with. In a world filled with moments designed to bring people down, MisterWives’ debut is like a YouTube video featuring a puppy and kitten prancing through birthday decorations. It is a necessary moment in                         pop culture.