Put your noisy hand down in class

The worst offense in the classroom is to raise your hand while someone else is speaking. Countless times I sit in class listening to the professor, only to be interrupted by the screeching and soundless waves of a classmate’s hand.

Put that hand down. Putting your hand up while any other person in class is speaking is not only rude, but it means that you don’t care to listen to that person. It is an utter disregard for your peers and especially a professor.

It says, “you’re talking, and I should be talking instead. Everyone would be more interested in listening to me.” The issue here is by waving your tired hand, it completely distracts everyone in the room. Instantly, others’ minds will trail away from the person speaking. The person speaking will begin to feel rushed since no one is paying attention anymore, and his or her contribution becomes instantly less important.

The point of sharing thoughts in college is so everyone’s voice is heard. We all want to hear from each other, and we all try to participate. Participating in class becomes much more difficult with rowdy and unprofessional peers surrounding you. The only time a speaker should feel rushed in the classroom while speaking is if he or she has really superseded the appropriate time, or if he is doing a timed presentation. Whatever you have to say can wait until the other person finishes his or her thoughts.