This Week’s Horoscopes


Today you will certainly see a lift in your energy levels, this should benefit you when it comes to several fronts. While you are experiencing this energy boost, make sure that you do not get carried away. Make sure that you don’t do anything you may later regret.


It’s a day where the routine may appear to be as predictable as always, especially since a busy schedule will keep you on your toes in the work place.  A briefly static atmosphere may turn into a touch of drama out of nowhere. Stay neutral.


It’s a day to get everything related to your daily routine into some kind of order. Any key area that looks messy will benefit from a little tweaking and you might need to reschedule something. Look to be more efficient with your hours.


It could one be of those days where you may accept explanations without pausing to check whether there may be more to an issue. It’s important to remember that you do not need to dissect everything someone says, but raising questions is never a bad idea.


Something is likely to govern your actions. Your ambitions may kick into overdrive on the work front, and in terms of romance you won’t settle for second best. With that said, you might set such exact standards and be very hard to please.


Your plans will be well thought out, but thanks to an unforeseen challenge you could have difficulty sticking to them. Practical or work related matters may well be interrupted by doubt or moments of hesitation. It’s a day to be a little positive.


A slight level of confusion may develop in potential romances, thanks to the rather fickle vibe. It may be that an encounter is exciting but lacks any clarity. It may take a little while longer to shed further light on where this is going.


Your everyday routine needs an overdue boost or kick-start. Do not get too carried away with changes, however, as you might lose focus on important matters. Keep to the most important things and you will have time for fun and excitement later.


This week might seem a little too flat for your liking. A rather distracted mood is likely to develop, which could be further dampened by a feeling of confusion. Don’t go looking for non-existent problems, since insight may be a little unreliable today.


Today is a day to tweak and correct earlier mistakes or errors of judgment, since common sense will be at a high level. It’s also a day for connections, but not necessarily brand new ones. It is possible that someone will come back into your life.


You might be winding down and looking forward to the weekend, but it’s not a day to physically slow down, especially on the work front. The feeling to shrug off concerns and work could actually create more hassle in the long run. Don’t succumb to the relaxing vibe too soon.


It’s not a bad day, but there may be a slight bothersome vibe. Don’t be tempted to rely on your ability to present a persuasive argument on any front. What you may think as delicate reasoning, others may view as unnecessarily pushy.