International Day celebrates diversity on campus

International day

"The Third Annual International Day celebration took place on March 31st in the Campus Center Ice Arena.

"Informational tables filled the arena, displaying detailed collages of countries such as England, Ireland, Spain, France and Germany. Many national flags were set up across the arena floor, and some of the table participants wore elaborate costumes.

""This is my first year," student Chanel Lindsay said. "There are a lot of displays for each club."

"Students had the opportunity to learn about multiple cultural clubs offered at Oswego State and the study abroad courses they can take, including Q2 Haiti Course, Q2 India Course, Q2 Buenos Aires, in addition to many others. The event is meant to celebrate diversity at Oswego State.

""This is a dynamic event," Student Involvement Coordinator Maggie Rivera said. "It’s doing a great job; it gets students to be more engaged."

"Last year, International Day was held in Hewitt Union. Being held in the Campus Center Ice Arena helped to create a more spacious environment and allowed for more table participants.

"Student Christina Luther attended the program, who has spent two months in Barcelona, Spain, had received emails from curious students asking her about study abroad programs and Alternative Spring Break, and thinks that the International Day celebration helps students meet people like her who have already studied abroad.

"In addition, donation tables, such as the 1,000 Cranes for Japan fund added to the Japanese tsunami effort.