Club makes historic steps with chemistry

The men's club lacrosse picked up its first regulation win in club history last weekend in Fredonia (Photo provided by Oswego State men's club lacrosse).
The men’s club lacrosse picked up its first regulation win in club history last weekend in Fredonia (Photo provided by Oswego State men’s club lacrosse).

The men’s club lacrosse team is off to its best start in the club’s 5-year history, beginning the season 3-1.

At the Fredonia tournament on April 18 and 19 the team went 2-0 and got its first regulation win in club history.

The club has only existed for five years, but it has grown at an exponential rate.

“This is the best team I have been a part of in all four years that I have been on the team,” club President Peter Steinmann said.

Steinmann, a senior, has been a member of the team since his freshman year, and has been club president since his sophomore season.

Despite a shortened season because of inclement weather, the team has achieved many milestones.

In a good year, Steinmann manages to schedule seven or eight games, but this year the club was only able to schedule five games. The resulting schedule will last only three weeks, leaving the players hungry for more games. Including the customary end of the year senior game, the season will only be four weeks.

Steinmann credits team chemistry as the group’s biggest asset.

“Everyone is friends with everyone,” Steinmann said.

One area with particularly good chemistry is the team’s attackers, junior John Ross and freshman Joe Delushia. Steinmann even pegged them as the team’s dynamic duo, with Ross being the club’s leading scorer and Delushia making a major impact in his first year.

The chemistry and camaraderie of the team does not just pertain to the current members, but extends to all the alumni of the team. The members even sold “Boomstrong” bracelets last season to raise money when one of their alumni was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer.

What is unique about this group, however, is that they have done all of this in such a short span of time. Despite existing for just five years, the club already has prospective students asking about the team’s recruiting process.

In addition to not recruiting, Steinmann refrains from making cuts when possible. This means that any new players are learning on the fly, instead of trying out like in a Div. III sport.

The positive play of the team seems to be having a snowball effect. Now, players are contacting Steinmann to say they will come any time they can. This shows how much they are buying in because many of those players did not attend practices previously.

Sophomore Kyle Beck attested to this fact, saying that he was in contact with the club last year, but did not actually join until the spring semester.

The team’s chemistry results from the increased skill level of the whole team, according to Steinmann. This in turn has allowed Steinmann to be more structured during practice.

“Pete comes out with structure; he always has a list of what he wants us to do and he runs it like an actual coach,” Beck said. “It puts us in a position to win and actually be able to do something when we are at these tournaments.”

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