You can’t put a leash on a Tiger

The news of professional golfer, Tiger Woods, committing adultery on his wife continues to spread shock waves across the nation. In admitting that he cheated, Tiger also informed that he would take a temporary leave from the sport that made him a household name. However, he is playing in this year’s Master’s golf tournament. Though this is considered the ultimate test of skill for golfers worldwide, viewers may be tuning in for a different reason this time.

The hype surrounding the Master’s tournament this year is Tiger’s big comeback in golf since news broke out of his troublesome marriage. As the clock ticks toward the day of the Master’s, questions surround the subject of who else but the master, himself. Will his wife be there? Will the stress from the past few months impact his game? While such questions float about the world of golf, I wonder if we may see the sport in a new light since Tiger’s scandal.

Along with celebrity marriages, those involving famous athletes seldom last long. Looking back into the history of almost every sport, marital troubles are bound to show. Team players who have endured rocky marriages under the public eye include basketball player Michael Jordan, and New England Patriots football player Tom Brady. Regardless of the dark pasts consisting of broken marriages and relationships among these players, fans continue to root for their favorite sports teams around the U.S.

Like football fans crowding around the television to watch the Super Bowl each year, golf fans do the same with the Master’s. However, viewers may as well forget which golfer will take home the trophy or million dollar check this year; it is all about Tiger Woods. This infatuation with his scandal sheds a dim light over golf. To many viewers tuning in, Tiger Woods’ playing may be their only interest. Sadly, the other hard working competitors in the tournament are lodged into the sand trap. Indeed, watching the Master’s this year will be nothing except watching a fallen hero’s attempt to redeem his reputation.

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