Four arrested after robbing Sub Shop delivery driver

An Oswego Sub Shop deliveryman was robbed while making a delivery on Nov. 29, Oswego City Police said.

The 18-year-old deliveryman was struck in the head by a male suspect after asking a female suspect for money for the delivery. The driver then had his delivery stolen from him. The driver was delivering to an isolated area, which is an area that does not have a lot of vehicular traffic, said Captain Tory DeCaire of the Oswego City Police Department.

By the next morning, four suspects, Angel R. Britton, 19, Daryll A. Bunch, 20, Eric R. Gessner, 18, and Noah M. Burk, 20, had been arrested. They were charged with Robbery in the Second Degree, and Conspiracy in the Fourth Degree, both felony charges.

Conspiracy, DeCaire said, means the suspects "agreed upon a plan to commit crime."

"I think that they were all acting together as one," DeCaire said.

The suspects showed no signs of intoxication and police are still unsure of a motive, DeCaire said.

The incident has shocked other late-night eateries in the city and reminded them of the risks associated with making deliveries without considering the proper safety precautions.

Melissa White, night shift manager at Enzo’s on West Bridge St., said there has never been any deliverymen at Enzo’s robbed. This is the first time she has heard of a delivery driver being robbed in Oswego.

"I think it’s really unfortunate," White said.

In order to ensure that deliverymen at Enzo’s aren’t robbed, they cash out after every three or four deliveries made. They usually don’t carry more than $50 or $60 in cash on them.

"We try to cash all our delievery drivers out so they don’t have a significant amount of cash on them," White said.

David MacBougall, manager at Zonies, said that a lot of safety precautions have to do with common sense.

MacBougall advises his drivers to never go inside the places they deliver to and if there is no light on at a residence, to make a call to the person who ordered.

"I think there’s some things that they could have done to prevent that," he said about the incident involving Sub Shop.

MacBougall also noted that the robbery of a deliveryman does not strike him as unusual.

"The pure nature of the delivery process makes it have some intrinsic dangers," DeCaire said.

Jason Shi, owner of Wonton House, has also never had any of his drivers robbed.

Like White, Shi also has his drivers cash out on a regular basis so that they don’t have that much money on them.

"I was shocked," said Shi about learning about robbery of the Oswego Sub Shop driver. "I told my drivers to be more careful."

Griffin Dault, who works as a deliveryman for Wonton House, feels safe when he makes deliveries.

He admitted that he does not take any precautions, because Wonton House uses their phones and caller ID. Dault also said that the success rate for robbery isn’t high, and the people who robbed the Sub Shop deliveryman were caught instantly.

"There’s many more profitable areas of crime than robbing lowly delivery boys," Dault said.

Jay Chetney, who delievers for Dominos, said that this is the first time he has heard of the robbery of a deliveryman. He thinks it’s important to callback orders as a precaution.

He noted that the safest resource to have is an open line of communication between their employers and the people they deliver to.

"It’s safe to have a cell phone," Chetney said.

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