Cancelation of ‘The Interview’ wrong call

This year was one of outcries, backlash and outright revolutions in the making, both through social media (#YesAllWomen) and on the real-life streets (Ferguson). People are speaking out, taking stands, and as long as injustice, still triumphs, campaigns and protests like these will continue into 2015 and beyond.…

Looking too far ahead can be wasteful

Every day I wake up and look over the handwritten “to do” list I make for myself the night before because I only half trust technology to remind me and I definitely do not trust myself to remember. I begin the day with the mindset when I finish…

Old threats exist between U.S., Russia

Old threats exist between U.S., Russia

We recently just saw the 25th anniversary of the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, the symbol of the Cold War, the quarrel that defined the second half of the 20th century. Though the Soviet Union has ceased to exist for over two decades and communism is no…

New no-texting initiative

New no-texting initiative

The last time I sat down to watch TV was about a week ago and I saw a…

Anti-semitism continues to linger

Lately, there have been many reports of increasing anti-Semitism around the world, especially in Europe. I cannot help…

Kim Kardashian reveals all in spread

Kim Kardashian has never let her fans down, even with one scandal after the next. On Nov. 12,…

Inclination to write continues

Inclination to write continues

For better or worse, The Oswegonian has played a major role in my life for most of the…

Student protest shows unity

Over two weeks ago, students at Syracuse University held a rally to air problems they hold with the…



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