Great cast, terrible story leave viewers ‘Ghosted’

Rating: 2/5 stars

Nowadays, with streaming services having less content restrictions than those found on network TV, many well-known comedians and writers have taken advantage of the opportunity. Therefore, whenever a new sitcom premieres on network TV, many worry it will be campy or too safe.

Prior to watching, a show where the premise involves a government agency teaming up a genius who believes in the paranormal and a former detective could certainly fall victim to those worries.

Despite that, the fact that this sitcom stars and is executively produced by Craig Robinson (“Austin Found”) and Adam Scott (“Big Little lies”), both of whom played roles in past successful network sitcoms, certainly makes it a little more promising.

However, the episode itself does not provide much to bet against a short-lived stay in production, at least for now.

One major element that causes some uneasiness is the paranormal science fiction plotline, which does not work too well among the comedic overtones. This combination makes the plotline come off as more cheesy and cheap than perhaps one would prefer.

Although, something in particular that was worth making a positive note of is the back and forth between Scott and Robinson’s characters, Max and Leroy, which does show real potential. Of course, the fact that they first meet each other in the back of a van (after being forcibly kidnapped by a secret agency known as Bureau Underground) sets up some interesting exchanges between the two. For any viewers that are familiar with any sort of buddy sitcom, whether it be on the big screen or TV, it is no secret the two protagonists’ dynamic is the most essential element. In this show’s case, Scott works the awkward goofball act with exceptional style, and it is complemented well by Robinson’s much more down-to-earth, straight man approach.

This aforementioned potential of a solid dynamic is perhaps best exemplified in the high-pressure broken fax machine dilemma. After getting thrown on this assignment by the same government agency that kidnapped them, Scott and Robinson attempt to dance their way out of the situation with the help of Scott’s apparent college improv experience. After slaps are thrown, the hilarious duo wind up achieving their goal.

As mentioned before, the show features a dose of both paranormal science fiction and humor, but neither of them seem to take full command. They both seem to just balance on the fence between each other.

Overall, it is hard to say how long this show will last, but then again, it is just the first episode and the series still has time to develop. The show needs to establish a more prominent plotline, as well as to introduce some new aspects. Right now, the show is lacking depth and nothing going on is really making any sense at this point.

While both Scott and Robinson do good work in their parts, the show just simply lacks any sort of stand-out element that reels in viewers and keeps them watching as the season progresses.


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