President, vice president election results posted

On April 6 and 7, Oswego State students were able to vote on the LakerLife website for both Student Association president and vice president.

Running unopposed for the office of president was Dalton Bisson. Running against one another for the office of vice president were Daisie Bancroft and Robert Taglia.

Bisson won the presidential election with nearly 85 percent of the vote, or 368 votes. A little over 15 percent of voters opted to not vote for Dalton and chose the “abstain” option on the ballot.

Bisson, the current SA vice president, said when he first announced his candidacy, he felt he was best equipped for the president position due to his experience in the vice presidency and his experience under the current SA president, Emily Nassir.

Bisson said, when he first announced his candidacy, some of his plans for the coming academic year include expanding shared governance of Oswego State between students and faculty, which includes placing more students in committees with administrators and faculty.

Bancroft won the office of vice president, with approximately 72 percent of the vote or 312 votes.

Taglia had a little over 22 percent of the vote or 98 votes.

Twenty-three votes were abstentions.

Bancroft said, when she first announced her candidacy, she feels that her two years of service as a senator, as well as her last year in the position of pro tempore, has prepared her for the position of SA vice president.

Bancroft said, when she first announced her candidacy, that she plans to introduce “Meet Your Senator” days, which would allow students to meet the senators that represent them to SA and would foster more communication between students and their senators.

On the week of April 9, SA posted the results to the billboards in their offices in The Point, in Marano Campus Center.