‘Untouchable’ triumphs, The Cairo Gang amazes

The Cariro Gang is set to release their latest album, “Untouchable,” on March 24 under Ty Segall’s division of record label Drag City, called GOD?.

The album demonstrates how the group has honed their skill throughout the years and has learned to perform in various styles with ease.

Although a bit slow at parts, the album’s opening track, “Broken Record” gives listeners a nice, easy flowing jam that is reminiscent of some of the earliest stages of rock and roll. The instrumentals do not try to do anything too large. They do not take away from the power of the lyrics, but keep the track focused.

The second track follows the tone of the first track while simultaneously picking up the pace. “Real Enough to Believe” has a faster beat and catchy guitar riffs that grab the listeners’ attention. This is the type of song that showcases the group’s  talents in a way that does not seem forced onto the listener.

The album then moves into the second single, “That’s When It’s Over.” It stands as the perfect combination of the two that precede it. Playing more with the instrumentals, Emmett Kelly, the lead singer and guitarist for the group, showcases his strengths as a musician. Giving his guitar its time to shine, the track is not only pleasing to listeners, the guitar makes the track feel short, as the music does not give a moment of lull.

The album then slows down with “Untouchable,” a track that feels like a slow song from a high school dance. Although this is not a bad thing, it is a change from the rest of the album that feels odd as the fourth track, as the three before had been steadily gaining momentum. “Untouchable” is an interesting choice for the title track, as it is clearly different from the rest.

“In the Heart of Her Heart” picks the momentum right back up. It is the fastest paced of the tracks, giving more of a European-invasion vibe over the early rock tone from before. It is loud and in-your-face in the best way possible.

The album moves to “Let it Gain You,” a psychedelic-sounding track that distorts lyrics and instrumentals to give it its own unique feel for the album. Although jarring at times, the song is still a good listen.

Just as the other tracks evolved, “Will It To Be” also evolves past psychedelic to 2000s alternative. It feels right out of a film, giving the listener an image of fighting for love and the struggles that can come with it.

The album ends on the perfect note. “What Can You Do?” wraps up the album in a way that makes listeners feel like they are at the end of the journey. The first single the Cairo Gang released, it shows just how well the group knows what they are doing.

As a whole, the album feels like a great mix of different styles and music. Although it has some hiccups, the group does not deliver a song that is disappointing or one that hurts the album. The Cairo Gang has come far and it is clear that there is more that can come. Hopefully for listeners, it can come soon.