Student thanks Stanley for inclusive email

International students on campus recently signed a letter to Oswego State President Deborah Stanley thanking her for sending the campuswide email to students after President Donald Trump’s recent immigration ban.

Omar van Reenan, an international student from Nambia, Africa, wrote the letter because he was happy Stanley reassured students they are still at home at Oswego State.

“Wholeheartedly, we thank you immensely for your recent remarks assuring us that SUNY Oswego remains a ‘welcome and hospitable home’ for not just domestic students, but international students too,” the letter read. “During this time of political and social uncertainty, I share the anguish and distress of international students SUNY-wide who woke up over the weekend to discover the inevitable chance that they might be prohibited from visiting their families.”

Van Reenan said thanking Stanley was right and respectful.

“As an active member of the campus community, SA senator and international representative, I believed that I needed to thank [Stanley’s] brave stance for injustice against the ‘pursuit of happiness,’ in a country whose values of liberty and justice for all, I have grown up to cherish,” van Reenan said.

Van Reenan said he will continue to honor Stanley’s support and will continue to be a part of the college community that enables international students to have their four years of “The American Dream.”