Chrissy Teigen chooses sex of her baby

Leave it to this country to raise controversy over a supermodel’s uterus and whom she chooses to reside in it.

For those who aren’t following, Christina “Chrissy” Teigen and her husband John Legend have decided to have a child together. The issue people are having with that is the couple decided to choose the sex of their child.

Although it’s not as easy as pulling up to a hospital and saying, “Can I have a baby girl, a medium cola and a side of fries?,” the process is becoming much simpler for couples.

This could mean great things. Families who suffer from genetic conditions that only affect one sex would no longer have to fear bringing a child into the world. People who have spent their lives wanting a son or a daughter can have their dreams come true. This is a beautiful thing.

However, not everyone is seeing it that way. Many took to Twitter and attacked the mother for choosing the sex of her baby. Teigan responded, “From reading everything tonight, I think I made a mistake in thinking people understood the process better than they do, which is my fault.”

But it’s not her fault. People need to be better informed about the process and they should not attack something they don’t understand. Things have come a long way in terms of medical procedures and the rights women have over their bodies, but when people respond in a manner such as this, it’s as if we never got past hitting each other on the head with large sticks and dragging others back to our caves to show them our pelt collections. No one cares about your pelts.

Some say it goes against God, that the Lord wants children to be born a certain way and choosing the gender is like playing God over their life.

I am not religious, but I know one of the main things the Bible teaches is love. God loves all of his children; he sees the beauty in people and all that other stuff you can learn in “Veggie Tales.” If this were the case, then God wouldn’t care how someone is brought into the world, would he?

Others could claim that it just isn’t natural; it’s a forced aspect of nature that should be allowed to just happen organically. Nothing is natural anymore. So many things in this world are created, manufactured or altered for various reasons. It doesn’t matter if something isn’t natural, the natural aspect comes from the mother caring for her child, raising him or her and taking care of him or her. Those should be the only things that matter.

If the couple wants to choose the gender of their child and the next one and possibly the one after that, that is their right. It may not be the way things were, but it is the way things are now. All that should matter is that they will care for the child.