Marano Campus Center features big name blockbusters free for students

While walking through the Marano Campus Center you may have noticed posters advertising movies being shown in the Marano Auditorium. These movies are brought to you by the school’s Student Association Programming Board’s (SAPB) Cinevisions Program, which is run by Khalil Waldron.

The program is simply referred to as the Fall or Spring Film Series, depending on the current semester the school is in. The series, which was popular when it started several years ago, had been discontinued for a while and brought back by Waldron during the fall 2015 semester. As a film major and someone who has always wanted to be a part of the SAPB, he knew that for various reasons many college students don’t often go to see movies in the theatres. He saw this as an opportunity to be a part of SAPB and share his love of film with others and pushed to bring the program back.

Students gather in Marano Campus Center to watch one of the many films to be shown for free throughout the semester. Photo provided by Alexander Simone
Students gather in Marano Campus Center to watch one of the many films to be shown for free throughout the semester.
Photo provided by Alexander Simone

Last semester the selection process for which movies are shown was trial by fire, because the program was restarting and Waldron was new to running it. However, now there is more thought put into the process. He tries to match whatever theme may be going on in a month, so for Halloween it is a scary movie, Christmas movies in December, etc.

Waldron had decided that he wanted to work with movies when he was still in high school and there was a time that all he did was watch as many movies as he could to get a better understanding of film. He took this time to go back and watch many classics such as “Taxi Driver” and the original “Star Wars” trilogy. That experience and the desire to share his love of movies is one of the things that led him to this position and makes him want to share his love of movies with others.

Realizing that his taste in movies is different from others, he does his research such as going to as many movies as he can and watching movies through streaming services such as Netflix. He did this in order to ensure that everything they play is good for everyone.
“I had to take a step away from myself just to make sure I am doing the people justice. I feel that it is my duty with this position to give people movies they wouldn’t see but also would enjoy,” Waldron said.

Waldron tries to switch things up and show movies that he thinks the students want to see or movies that are big blockbusters such as “Straight out of Compton” and “Creed.” He also tries to mix in some movies that are critically acclaimed or those that are Oscar contenders. In some cases, he selects a movie that flies under the radar that students may not have heard of otherwise, such as “The Gift” or “Room.”

Waldron understands that he is not going to make everyone happy all the time but he hopes with his selections he can keep an even mix. He understands that some movies while having a great story can be kind of slow, not as exciting as an action movie or as entertaining as a comedy, which is why he does his best to alternate the types of films being shown.

Waldron understands that while some movies such as the recently shown “Straight Out of Compton” or the upcoming film “Creed” are the types of movies they will attract a good crowd, but that movies such as “Concussion” may not have as big of a turnout. While he hopes to have a good crowd for all movies shown, anticipated turnout does not affect his choice of movies which are selected.

Waldron is bringing his love of movies and knows that the mission of SAPB is to bring fun activities to campus for the students to his position and it shows.