Sarah Palin backs Donald Trump

The world could be ending. As if it isn’t bad enough that Donald Trump is campaigning for president, he is now getting an endorsement from 2008 re- publican vice presidential nominee Sar- ah Palin. The former Alaska governor attended a Trump rally in Iowa 13 days before the big Iowa Caucus. Trump, who has been in the spotlight for his outlandish campaign, has brought even more attention to his campaign, as he is one of the first republican pres- idential candidates to gain support from a political figure. However, Palin is by no means the best one to have on his side. Watching Trump and Palin together is like watching a circus and being amazed at all the things they say and do.

Palin hasn’t really been in the spot- light since 2008, but she stepped out at the rally with a speech that was all over the place. At first I thought Tina Fey had taken Palin, stuffed her in a closet and walked on stage in her place to make even more of a mockery of the 2016 presidential race. Although half

of Palin’s words made no sense, the crowd seemed enticed.

Palin and Trump have been known to support each other over the years and now there is talk of Trump mak- ing her his running mate, giving her another chance at being in the White House. There is a reason people didn’t support Palin in 2008, but now there’s a shift because she supports a man that thinks he could gain supporters even if he shot a random man on the street. The sad thing is that this could very well be true. The country seems to have given into Trump’s whacky opinions toward what should be important issues.

There is no way that I would ever support Trump and I agree even less with him now that Palin has given her seal of approval. While there isn’t any- one who is running that is worth sup- porting in my eyes, Trump is definitely at the bottom of my list of people I’d ever vote for. The man may be good at business, but that doesn’t mean he can run a country. In reality, if Palin be- comes Trump’s running mate, I believe that only proves that maybe the world is ending, at least in the United States. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of England, who, if they ban Trump, will find me as a new citizen in their country.