Weekly EP: Latest pioneer of pop genre

Born and raised in the South, new artist Alexx Mack is a surefire success story. With the confidence of a long-standing pop diva, Mack seems like a well-known artist. Drawing on the ever-growing synth-pop subgenre, Mack should soon find herself in a league of artists ranging from Marina and the Diamonds to Charli XCX. Her earliest work is impressive and unafraid and with the release of “Like We’re Famous” Mack exemplifies what makes her so special. It’s this kind of unabashed confidence that newcomers should strive for. For Mack, it is this belief in herself that will make her a shoe-in for future successes.

Like the best of Betty White’s retro, 80s-pop goodness, lead single “Bad” is an impressively composed track. From its pulsating beginning there is no secret; this song is 100 percent pop. Upbeat and swirling, the highly-produced track is slick and shiny. For the energetic “Bad,” settling down is not something that comes easy. Every moment of it is like a powerhouse punch with unbelievable potential.

On “Sunglasses,” Mack once again showcases a certain sense of carefree conviction that makes audiences feel good. Its most climactic moment, a long run for Mack, is reminiscent of artists like Cher Lloyd, but the voice is definitely not the United Kingdom singer’s. There is simply no denying the individuality of Mack and her tracks, especially with “Sunglasses.”

The EP’s other two tracks, “Retro Romance” and “Red Eyes,” are more of the same. With each, Mack proves that she is a force to be reckoned with. The young singer showcases the type of undying vitality that will make new listeners fall in love. As “Red Eyes” amps up, listeners will feel just as fearless as Mack. While reminiscent of artists before her, Mack’s work sounds like she pioneered the genre.

By the close of the four-track EP, Mack will have listeners drawn in and wanting more. Every moment on this release feels too short; like a fantastic night out, everything about “Like We’re Famous” feels like it’s gone before it even starts and just as the cold weather begins to flow in the summery pop infusions of the EP are welcoming. “Like We’re Famous” is an accomplished piece as both a debut and overall musical endeavor. It shoots for the stars and easily reaches them, just like Mack knew it would.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5