‘The Flash’ makes much needed changes for audience; still electric

A year ago “The Flash” pilot premiered and fans were afraid that the show would take too long to catch up to the other programs on The CW. As the season developed, “The Flash” exceeded the expectations of viewers and managed to draw a larger fan base than other programs on The CW, including “Arrow,” the show that it spun off from.

Season two premiered on Oct. 6, and the show has not lost speed. Originally the show and “Arrow” would joke about how “The Flash” had more of a fun feel. They commented on how it was the lighter of the two programs, yet as the seasons of the shows moved along the shows flipped in tone. Season one ended on a serious cliffhanger and it was unsure how the program would begin for season two.

The show keeps its serious tone for the start of the season, as a guilt-ridden Barry pushes those closest to him out of his life and tries to play the hero on his own. Grant Gustin (”Glee”) continues to portray the character of Barry Allen with ease. The character is more than just a moody, brooding hero that has flooded the media, he is an ever-evolving and developing hero.

The rest of the ensemble remains pretty static in the first episode of the season. The characters keep the same beliefs, actions and decisions that they became known for. Caitlin Snow, played by Danielle Panabaker (“Fight of the Living Dead”), for example, continues to be the scientist mourning a loss as she tries to move on with her life, nothing that wasn’t seen in the early episodes. Although it’s good for the program to keep the voice fans have come to love, it may be nice to see a little variation in the characters, see the growth after all that they have been through and watch the series move in a new direction.

Even as some of the characters remain the same, the show is striving to keep moving forward. The changes in the cast, both the removal of old characters and the introduction of new faces for viewers and old friends for those who read the comics, reveals the show has a future planned and a clear direction of where it wants to go. A few other characters have already been announced to appear as the season continues. Viewers just need to be patient.

If you have not seen the show, all of season one is currently available on Netflix. Anyone who loves heroes, comics or incredible naming skills should not hesitate to watch it as soon as possible. The show is nerdy enough to make people go crazy, yet grounded enough to appeal to more than just the uber fans. And for those who hate waiting, don’t worry, next week’s episode will be here in a flash.

Rating: 4 out of 5