Oswego State club sports spotlight: Men’s volleyball

The Oswego State men’s club volleyball is six weeks into the season and the team has a positive feeling about the present and the future.

When the Krakens [their team name] traveled to the College at Brockport recently, they saw a positive result as the team finished fourth in their pool play, going 3-3, helping them advance to the playoff round. They shined there and ended up finishing third overall, capping off a successful tournament. The team maintained energy throughout the entire day, while saving their best play for last when it mattered the most.

Jason Hui, a freshman who played during the tournament, talked about the enjoyment he had playing, even though it may have been short-lived.

“The team is challenging for a freshman,” Hui said. “Just because I was called up for the first tournament, it won’t mean I am automatically in for the following tournaments.”

Hui noted that there is a high level of competition for the team and that anyone can be replaced on the court.

Despite the tough compeition, Huis believes the team is in good hands and trusts the leaders of the team.

“They choose what is best for the team,” he said. “Tyler [Penberty] and Stephen [Bobarakis] really care about the team. They run the team but try to be as fair as possible.”
One of Hui’s favorite parts of being on the team is the practices, despite the late hours that they bring.

“Although it [practice] is late, it is better than practice being in the middle of the day and have half of the players missing,” Hui said.

Captain Stephen Bobaraksi is excited about the young turnout for the team and loves what the first-year players have to offer to the team. The team only lost two seniors from the previous year, which was Bobaraskis’ junior year.

“We have high hopes for this season,” Bobarakis said.

He also mentioned that a couple of years ago, he was dissatisfied with the direction the team was being led. He thought the captains didn’t have enough control of the team and didn’t teach players to be mature, abusing their power.

“The team was bound to dissolve, but [we] managed to bring it back into good hands,” Bobarakis said.