Muppets make big waves

After the airing of “The Muppets” premiere on ABC on Sept. 22, the organization known as One Million Moms began protests of the show on social media. The group claimed that “the new show is aimed at a mature, modern audience and addresses subjects not suitable for family viewing.” One thing that the group fails to notice is that shows like this have always been full of adult content; the amount noticed by adults varies.

The Muppets have always featured these adult themes. As many realized after listening to Donald Glover’s “Weirdo” stand up special, Gonzo, the blue alien, bird-like Muppet, loves chickens. To kids it’s just funny, but when truly thought about it’s kind of disturbing to realize that this conscious, other world creature wants to have relations with a common fowl.

There is also the relationship between Kermit and Miss Piggy. Over the years, it has evolved to the point where, in the current show, the two are no longer together. Their relationship has always been filled with jokes and sexual innuendos; some of the most noticeable and funny ones are from “The Muppets Take Manhattan.” But it isn’t until now that people are having a big issue with it.

It’s not just “The Muppets,” many cartoons are filled with sexual, adult themes. In “Looney Toons” for example, how many times have people seen Bugs Bunny in a dress? Enough times where it’s common knowledge and to the point where someone should really draw Elmer Fudd a pair of glasses.

Current cartoons have the same dirty mind. An episode of “Adventure Time” has Finn going to a pillow-based land and falling for a girl made out of pillows. In the episode, the girl makes a joke about how pillows and blankets are used for bedding and Finn blushes. When see by a child, they’d just think they’re meant to go on a bed, but when seen through adult eyes, people can see a deeper meaning behind the joke.

Shows like these and “The Muppets” have always had an underlying adult sense of humor.

Because of their new show, the Muppets are under closer surveillance. Being brought back to the main stream has shown some what they weren’t aware of and this scares people. One Million Moms believes that boycotting this will help protect the youth of America, but it will only shelter them from the reality parents neglect to see.

Without shows like these, kids will wind up not understanding the concept of relationships or love and in a time where those two words are beginning to evolve, it’s more important than ever to have shows bring up the idea.

A frog can love a pig, an alien can love a chicken. If One Million Moms doesn’t like it, than it can just change the channel.