Kim Davis strikes again

Kim Davis just won’t go away. Now she is dragging the Pope along with her. Davis, the well known antagonist in the campaign of anti-marriage licenses for same-sex couples in Kentucky, has now infiltrated Pope Francis’ kindness as part of her crusade.

Pope Francis’ visit to the U.S. two weeks ago brought along a lot of buzz. What should have been a relatively joyous event for our nation somehow became bogged down with the Jerry Springer version of the Kimmy Davis show.

From the myriad of endless news streams I’ve read, Davis stated that she had a private audience with the Pope during his visit to the United States. The Pope supposedly told her to “stay strong” asking her to pray for him. Naturally, she asked for his prayers too. She said that afterwards, she felt a sense of validation from their discussion.

Matt Staver, Davis’ lawyer, laid claim to this event, stating that his client, her husband and the pope had a private audience alone for a full 10 minutes. How he is able to validate such a story is magical, considering the fact that he wasn’t even there for said occurrence. Later on in my readings he somewhat recants the story and changes it up a bit. One could assume that the Pope is intrinsically interested in Davis’ marriage certificate plight, yes? Oh contraire.

Unfortunately, the press has invariably opened the door to the darker side of our friend Davis. For starters, Davis and her husband were part of nothing more than a group of several dozen people briefing at the Vatican Embassy. The pope may have walked by them.

The Vatican made it very clear that the only private audience taking place that day was between the Pope and Yayo Grassi, a former student of his and long-time friend. What makes this story a lot more interesting, and a bit stickier for Davis, is that Grassi is openly gay. He also brought his partner of 19 years along for the event.

Even more touching are the video accounts of the three of them meeting. I haven’t found one of Davis yet. You’d think her lawyer would have been a bit more prepared.

Let’s not forget about the Vatican. Realizing it had to weigh in on this issue, if openly admitted that Francis did have some type of brief encounter with Davis.

However, the statement from their press office made it clear that the meeting “should not be considered a form of support” for Davis’ refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Davis and her campaign are undoubtedly squirming under the microscope of introspection. She looks bad. Her lawyer looks bad. His foundation looks bad. And her zeal for righteousness sake looks unquestionably tarnished. Davis, lying in the name of God, is just plain tacky. Using the pope as a source of validation for her efforts is even worse.

Please, do your job or find another that suits your goals more effectively. Maybe your lawyer has some openings?