Donald Trump speaks mind, offends

There are a few certainties that you can count on in 2015: living, dying, taxes and Donald Trump spouting ludicrous statements from his unrestrained lips.“The Don” should really step up with the times and change his name to “The Mouth.”

Being well known for his wealth and business savvy, he is now known for being the enigmatic Republican front-runner in the 2016 presidential race. The man seemingly cannot open his mouth without offending someone in some way. The statements made by him would have gotten anybody else entombed in a cement pylon, but Trump slides through it with all the tenacity of a deftly oiled pig.

What gives this man such great advantage over all the other Republican runners and even over the other Democrats? Money. This very interesting billionaire has what no one else has: his own cash. All other candidates survive and compete from the backing of supporters. Therefore, their speech, ideas and vision for the future usually follow the models of the money-funding puppeteers.

Not Trump. He utters every filterless notion that runs from his brain to his oral cavity. It doesn’t matter what horror and angst may follow. He says whatever he wants and the people love him for it. The late night talk show hosts are intensely grateful for him. The rest just cringe in revulsion. Jon Stewart retired just a bit too early.

Trump has singlehandedly offended pretty much every group of people possible.  Let’s be honest, if you’re warm, breathe with regularity and challenge him in any meaningful way, you will be the next contestant in his verbal crosshairs.

So what is the reason for his backers’ love for him? One observable reason I find noteworthy is this: the fact that he speaks his mind; good, bad and most often ugly.  I believe grassroots America is so happy to have a candidate that is frank and outspoken, even if it is on the complete side of lunacy. Americans are just plain tired of the same meaningless swill that pours from the mouth of every shiny, soulless candidate that crosses the platform. I know I am. The same script, the same look, the same promises. I believe people are tired of the political apocalypse befalling them and want something fresh, something different, something real. Trump offers it all.

Politicians are scratching their heads in wonderment. They don’t understand that they’ve left a huge chasm in the heartland of America for someone else to fill. The world of politics has become politician-centered. The humans they represent have become nothing more than muffled sounds in the passing wind.

In a nation of people waiting to be heard, Trump is listening and giving them what they want to hear, whether it be right or wrong, truthful or not.

I think it would be a frightful thing if he were elected president. However, I sure am enjoying the political faction squirm as they watch their archaic rules of engagement go down in flames. And you know, I also find the popcorn pretty tasty.