‘How To Get Away With Murder’ captivates audiences

The first episode in season two of “How to Get Away With Murder” shook its viewers and had them on the edge of their seats with their introduction of new characters, revealing of dark secrets and unbelievable plot twists letting us know that season two is going to be just as amazing as season one.

The season opened up with the death of Rebecca (Katie Findlay, “Premature”) and the mystery of who killed her. Most of us thought, as with the previous murder, that it would take all season to figure out who did, but Annalise Keating (Viola Davis. “Lila & Eve”) came to the team’s rescue and solved the mystery within the first 20 minutes of the show. Leading up to this tragic event, all eyes were on Wes Gibbons (Alfred Enoch, “National Treasure Live: Coriolanus”) as the killer, but it turned out that he wasn’t the killer either.

What was even better about this episode is that it went back in time and gave us a little more insight on the mysterious life and ways of Annalise. We are introduced to her past lover Eve (Famke Janssen, “Hemlock Grove”). Now Eve has taken on the the Nate Lahey (Billy Brown, “Sons of Anarchy”) case and, if you remember, he was framed by Annalise during the last season of the show. He was also her lover. Annalise constantly puts herself in sticky situations for the good of her team. As this episode went on, we learned how tough it can be on her and all the sacrifices she is making to hold everyone together and protect them at the cost of her own image. She is seen as mean, harsh and manipulative even though she is just trying to help and benefit everyone.

To distract the team from the death of Rebecca, she acquires a new case about adopted siblings killing their parents. Even though she does have to do rather immoral things to get the case, in the end, she does and we hope to see what becomes of it. Annalise will use her impressive skills to get down to the truth and eventually solve the mystery.

In the end, we see a rather shocking and horrifying scene. Once again, Wes has been caught doing something illegal. Was Wes yet again involved in another crime? We will find out as the show continues.

Rating: 4 out of 5