Franchises continue to expand works to next generation consoles

Each year, gamers around the world anticipate new games within their favorite franchises. There is always something that can be done to make these games better and more realistic. The problem within the video game industry is that with the next generation consoles, companies like Microsoft and Sony are expected to improve all around. Xbox One or Playstaition Four are all about the graphics, gameplay and upgrade in general. If there is no difference from the previous console to the newest, why would we buy them? It works the same way when it comes to games.

“NHL 16” Sept. 15
NHL is a game that allows players to be a part of their favorite teams. Each year, EA Sports works with fans to give them the ultimate playing experience. Last year, “NHL 15” brought a lot to the table with graphic improvements and even play by play from the one and only Doc Emrick. But when it came to the consoles the game was played on, “NHL 15” was missing a lot on the next generation consoles. Things like fantasy drafts weren’t available to those who played on the newer consoles. Thankfully, “NHL 16” has a lot to offer on all consoles, mostly revolving around multiplayer gameplay. There is a 6 vs. 6 online play mode to compete in drop-in games with players around the world. The co-op couch play mode allows you to sit down on the couch with your friends and play drop-in games online as well.

“Destiny: The Taken King” Sept. 15
“Destiny” was a game made by the creators of “Halo” and the producers of “Call of Duty” that opened players up to a whole new cinematic world of gaming. Once you start your story, it is almost impossible to stop getting lost in the battle for your universe and fighting for what was taken from you during the decline of the Golden Age. To only go up from there, Bungie has added new abilities for a powerful battle against the Darkness. In addition, there is an all-new campaign, where the taken king, Oryx, has entered our solar system seeking revenge for the death of his son, Crota. While battling using new abilities, weapons and gear, you will find that there are all-new activities and rewards for the player as they move forward.

“Pro Evolution Soccer 2016” Sept. 15
“Pro Evolution Soccer 2016” was rated 9.5 out of 10 on IGN, going up half of a point from “PES 2015.” With a sports game, once there is a certain mark reached, it is the little things that make a game better, and Konami did that. There is a new dynamic weather feature to change up the weather during matches to make the game more realistic. Goalkeeper identification is a feature that adds personality to your goalkeeper and their skills on the field. The revamped master league has been completely renovated and a whole new player transfer system has been added to the game.