Vox Pop- Fall Semester Favorite Things

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With the fall semester in full swing, we at The Oswegonian are curious as to what each student’s favorite part of the semester is.

One of the first few students we spoke to, Marvin Garcia, a freshman business administration major says he’s “expecting a lot of fun” and so far he likes the “atmosphere and environment” of SUNY Oswego.

Marvin Garcia, Freshman
Marvin Garcia, Freshman (Arielle Schunk l The Oswegonian)

Much like Garcia, new student Manna Job and returning student junior, Gary Ellison are both pleased to be at Oswego.

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Sophomore, Kailey Calvarese, who is apart of the sorority Phi Sigma Sigma said “coming back and seeing all of her sisters; and the warm weather” is her favorite part.

Kaliey Calvarese, Sophomore
Kaliey Calvarese, Sophomore (Arielle Schunk l The Oswegonian)

Marketing majors Sydney Doris and Emily Farrell felt the same way about Oswego’s fall weather.

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The final student we spoke to was accounting major, Yonic Rojas who loves the pumpkin’s, the weather, and how much it brings people together.

Yonic Rojas, Senior
Yonic Rojas, Senior (Arielle Schunk l The Oswegonian)