Apple to announce possible Iphone 6s at upcoming event

Apple has revealed their plans to create an iPhone 6s. The public is eagerly waiting to find out September 9 what Apple plans to add onto their new and improve iPhones. Not only will Apple reveal their new iPhones, they will also uncover more product improvements that are in the works. According to Forbes Magazine, Apple is preparing for the largest sellout of their soon to be released iPhones. and have already prepared close to 90 million units.

So what exactly is going to improve with the new iPhone 6s? has hinted at some new tech on the new iPhones. Apple has added a rose gold finish to their models to match their newly released watches and a solution to the bending problem has finally been solved by a new more sturdier product design. Other specs include a faster processing system and an improved camera once again.

Consumers will still remain hesitant to immediately buy these iPhones due to so many changes. Since Apple hasn’t always had a successful release with new iPhones, consumers wait to buy new products until they hear more reviews about them. When the iPhone 6 was released, there were many issues with their new design that really seemed to irritate consumers, so hopefully Apple will have better success at the start than in previous years.

To keep up with the release of Androids and the many newly released Samsung products, including the Galaxy Edge and S6, it is time for Apple to release new products in order to keep up with the high demand on smartphones. Apple must add new specs and tech advances to keep consumers intrigued. There have already been a lot of issues with Apple’s recent iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, including short battery life and crashing operating systems, causing uproar from consumers.

Being an Apple user myself, I believe that Apple is in need of an iPhone that will last longer than just one year. Hopefully they can finally design a phone that converts even Samsung users into iPhone enthusiasts.