Wage increases on horizon

McDonalds employees organized several protests last Wednesday, April 15. These protests were held in several towns and colleges around the country. The protests were organized by McDonalds employees in order to increase the current minimum wage rates to $15. These complaints were based on not having sufficient funds to sustain families and live comfortably. In several places, this has caused a lot of the employees to have illegal jobs. McDonalds employees, specifically in the New York City area, see this as a crucial matter especially with the high costs of economic sustainability in the area.

This pay raise would certainly come with consequences. It would foster social and justice equality amongst workers in the U.S., which these employees believe is a major issue. They believe, because of the industry they are involved with and their line of service, a lot of mutual respect isn’t given to them as people. According to these employees, if this law goes into effect then it would cause for an overall increase in the respect for the fast-food industry.

On the other hand, resentment from professionals who earn $15 may occur if the wage rate increase is implemented. The stereotype around workers in the fast-food industry is their lack of educational and professional skills. With that mentality, it would not be a surprise that professionals would be unhappy because, after attaining a certain level of education, they might earn the same as others who didn’t really earn it.

If this is in the minds of these people, then we would have to ask ourselves what kind of social, economic and just system we are hoping for. With different mindsets about one matter, there may just be no way that equality in the workforce would be attainable feat.

From McDonalds’ perspective, a lot of attention is given to their employees. Hence the pay increases of $1 depending on the state wage rate, and an increase of up to $10 by 2016. Employees who have worked for more than a year would also be granted paid vacation days. This would be applicable to both full-time and part-time workers. Corporate says most of the restaurants that pay their workers minimum wage are those that have been franchised. According to one of the franchisees, he says he cannot afford to increase wage rates because of how bad his restaurant’s operations is doing.