This Week’s Horoscopes


You realize that practicality will pay off as you reassess your current financial condition. You know what’s right but might not make the smartest financial decisions today because being responsible sounds boring, prompting you to look for ways to escape your obligations. However, you don’t have the luxury to slip away yet. Stabilizing your fiscal situation won’t be as painful as you expect if you just narrow your focus and get down to business.


It’s way too soon to tell whether or not your latest scheme is going to work the way you want it to, so try not to be too confident about it. On the other hand, don’t worry too much about it, either. All the elements are working nicely together, and things are moving on their own accord – you can’t affect the situation much today, if at all. But you should see this lack of control as a good thing. The weight is no longer on your shoulders.


The tiny problems you encounter today add little, if any, stress to your life. In fact, they may be welcome – solving puzzles and making logical choices are both fun activities for you. These quandaries provide an excellent workout for that big gray matter between your ears. Gossip and intrigue about the seemingly exciting lives of beautiful people reveal them to be not terribly interesting after all. You end this week satisfied and happy in your own skin.





Titles can be meaningless – often, it’s the unnamed folks behind the scenes who do all the real work while others get the glory. You know this story from firsthand experience, but today that won’t stop you from expertly and efficiently doing what needs to be done. Make no concession to appearances – just jump right in and do what you need to, even if no one else is paying attention. The best part is that this time, you will get all the glory.


The issues of today aren’t really as threatening as they look at first glance. Early in the morning, keep your chin up – maintaining a positive attitude will quickly deactivate any potential bombs. You’d be surprised how far a smile and a wave can take you. Once the petty stuff of the day is finished, turn your attention to future plans. A trip or big purchase has been in the back of your mind for a while, so why not push it to the front? Get some ideas on paper.


Not everything or everyone is as pretty as they seem at first glance today – there are interesting nuances that only someone with a skeptical eye can see. You notice some beautiful imperfections in someone new – they comfort you and make you all the more intrigued. People are saying things they don’t mean, so if you’re getting the cold shoulder, stick around and wait things out. You may be greeted much more warmly under different circumstances, so try again another day.


You need to know your limits today – in love, business, sports and especially in fiscal matters. Your eyes may be bigger than your wallet right now. This dissonance is probably caused by your jealousy over someone else’s recent purchase. Stick to your own life – don’t try to live by someone else’s shopping list. Just because another person lives beyond their means doesn’t mean you should. Maintain a balanced lifestyle and you’ll be better off in the end.


An unpredictable situation brings out the worst in someone – you thought you’d never see them like this. After the shock wears off, give thought to what this could mean for your relationship. There are big trust issues involved here, and you might want to pull back on how much you disclose to protect yourself. By contrast, another person you barely know shows you a quieter side of their personality – and you’re intrigued. Get to know them better.


Despite what some people you work with may think, there’s nothing wrong with taking the easy way out every once in a while. As long as you can deal with the consequences of moving back a deadline or postponing some event, then it’s fine to put things off for a little while longer. Just make sure that you’re not leaving anyone else in a lurch. You might even find ways to juggle a few things without any fallout. Dare you have your cake and eat it too?




You’ve been heading down the home stretch for weeks; now look for a big sign welcoming you to your destination. It could be a social invitation, a pay raise or merely a smile that indicates that you’ve broken through someone’s tough shell. You’re absolutely on the right path, and the crowds are cheering you on – listen a bit harder, and you can hear them. Support is all around you – it’s payback for all the times you’ve been there for the people you love. Karma is on your side today.


In this new push of yours to take more control of your future, don’t forget that a big part of being industrious is calling upon other people to help you. While you certainly shouldn’t depend on others to do things for you, there’s nothing wrong with reaching out and using your connections. After all, if you don’t use a connection, after a while you lose it. Call in a few favors, and be sure to make it clear to these folks that you know how to show the proper amount of gratitude.


The good news is that all of your plans are coming together nicely now, and everything is humming along without a hitch. The bad news is that with less to keep you busy, you have a greater weakness for distraction. The frivolous stuff will catch your eye and could keep you from staying on your toes. It’s important to integrate entertainment and fun into your life, but you also need to maintain balance. Have fun, but stay alert.