Creative Writing

(Elijah Vary | The Oswegonian)

Her kiss made me melt,

For the first time we touched

That tongue moved down,

Gave me feelings I never have felt,

I knew she was evil, but it made me think,

If I wanted to fall in love.

I’ll down another drink,

And that whiskey aimed a double barrel straight at my head.


The devil possessed me,

I spun out of control,

Lost my life to make sinning my wife,

I trusted her enough to let her into my life,

Back stabbed, compulsive lies,

It all gave me a reason to die.


I stood to fall,

She pushed me over to see my blood and gore,

I was stuck down on the floor for too long,

I found my way up,

Opened a new door,

The memories won’t fade,

They won’t go away,

But I learned my own way,

To never love a girl who changes her sheets every night and day.