Options for spring break

As we head into spring break, some students prepare to head on vacation with trips to warmer climates to escape Oswego’s melting frozen tundra and take some time to refuel for the final stretch of the semester.

Unfortunately, not everyone can hop on a plane and head to Florida or somewhere like it. All is not lost for these students. There are still ways to enjoy your break.

In most places, it is St. Patrick’s Day weekend and festivities will lead into the holiday starting with this weekend. Why not celebrate during the time of year that everyone becomes just a little bit Irish? Go to your local parade and have a good time with friends.

If you’re not working, or really do not have anything to do, plan a small day trip. New York state has plenty to offer in terms of excursions. There’s Cooperstown, home of the National Baseball Hall of Fame, which is a nice small town on Otsego Lake.

There’s Letchworth State Park just south of Geneseo, which is known as the Grand Canyon of the East. Getting out and seeing what nature has to offer just as spring welcomes us with its presence is the perfect remedy for anyone who has a bit too mush stress on their shoulders after midterms.

Break is a time to wind down for a brief period in time before making one last push to finals and onto summer break. Take the time to relax, lounge around for a day and do absolutely nothing. There’s nothing wrong with that.

More importantly, take the time to spend break with family and friends who are important to you.  It’s an opportunity to see people you have not been able to be around since winter break. Even if it’s just going out for lunch, it can go a long way. Catch up with that friend you haven’t seen in a while.

Maybe take some time to volunteer for a charity. There’s potentially a lot of free time to be had during the week ahead, so why not spend it doing something nice for people who need it most? Help out at the local food shelter or walk dogs at a local pound. Do something nice for someone without expecting anything in return.

Take the second weekend of break to gear yourself up for the sprint to the finish line. Make sure you stock up on supplies and set yourself up for success as we approach the end of the semester. Those graduating in May should be in the midst of their job search or hearing from graduate programs.

No matter what, we hope all students at Oswego State have a safe and enjoyable spring break.