This Week in SA

The Student Association held its fourth meeting of the semester Tuesday evening. The number of senators needed to make quorum was satisfied.

The minutes from last meeting and the agenda for the current meeting were approved.

There was one guest to the senate. Christy Somers, general manager of WTOP-10 presented to the senate about why WTOP-10 needs to upgrade to high-definition technology. She said Lanigan Hall is making the transition to HD and Oswego State’s broadcasting studio wants to be on the same level as Lanigan Hall.

Sen. Tyler Jodiet, the finance committee chair volunteered to write the bill for proposal with SA President Tucker Sholtes.

There was no public comment.

In executive reports, Sholtes was not able to attend the meeting and speak due to an illness. Although, it was said the spring concert is in the process of being paid for.

Jillian Kranz, SA vice president, is planning to have a presentation on the room and board tuition fee. She also made an announcement that the petitions for running in upcoming SA elections for next year’s SA president and SA vice president are due Feb. 27.

Elena Sanchez-Freeman, SA director of finance, said next meeting, the directors of athletics and other committees will come in to talk about the fees students have, other than the student activity fee.

Ryan Hopf, Sholtes’ chief of staff, presented the official design for the SA apparel. This includes a variety of different items including a polo T-shirt that will be completely paid for by SA. A sign up sheet for getting apparel is going to be passed around to sign up for what everyone wants to order.

Christopher Romita, assistant director of academic affairs wants to work on responsibilities of teacher’s assistants and creating a higher standard in the application process for a TA candidate.

In committee reports, Sen. Sarah Woods, the director of the rules and judiciary committee spoke to Lisa Evaneski, the associate dean of students for judicial affairs. Evaneski plans to meet with the senate on March 10 to discuss student conduct.

Sen. Shantol Williams, the student involvement chair, discussed “Meet Your Senator,” a campaign encouraging the Oswego State students to recognize and reach out to the senators of SA. Sen. Williams looked at different items and inflatables for an upcoming event in the spring that SA is sponsoring for students. The possibility of having a homecoming dance in the future was also mentioned.

In hall council reports, Funnelle Hall met last Sunday and talked about having a “Funnelle Feud” event, a fashion show for guys, cupcake decorating, Funnelle Field Day and Bacon Fest in Pathfinder Dining Hall on March 7.

There were no special orders.

In general orders, the philosophy club requested $424 to take a trip to Rochester Institute of Technology for a philosophy reading. The bill was put to a vote and was passed by general consent.

The men’s rugby club requested $1,400 in order to travel to their tournaments this season. This money was requested after using their budget last semester to compete in the national championship. The bill was put to a vote and was passed by general consent.

The National Broadcasting Society requested $3,120 to travel and represent Oswego State at the National Broadcasting Society Convention. The bill was amended and the request was reduced from $3,120 to $536. The bill was then put to a vote and was passed by general consent.

The Oswego State chapter of Active Minds requested money to fund the event, Send Silence Packing. This event was brought to Oswego in the past. Send Silence Packing is a day-long event displaying 1,100 backpacks representing the lives lost to suicide. The bill was referred to the Finance Committee for one week.

SA meets every Tuesday at 6 p.m. in Lanigan 102. All meetings are open to the public.