Bundle up for cold winter

Oswego’s winter weather is not something that has suddenly snuck up out of nowhere. Being prepared to take on the bitter cold is a necessity this time of year.

Just this past week, Oswego saw temperatures drop as low as 10 below. Despite this, some students appear to act as if Oswego is in a much more moderate climate than what it is often compared to: a frozen tundra. Snow may be blowing from drifts creating clouds of powder, but some people will still wear shorts, as if they are holding out for the temperatures to rise.

It’s time people wise up. Buy a pair of gloves, a winter hat and maybe throw on a sweatshirt under that fleece jacket when commuting to class. Staying warm is not the only issue. Some students lack a pair of boots to trudge through the slush and snow on their way to class. Pedestrians do not need heavy-duty boots, but rather just something to keep their feet dry. A nice pair of boots can last a long time and work a lot better than a pair of tennis shoes when the snow is falling.

This should all be common sense to Oswego State students by now, especially when things take a turn for the worse on the weekends. As if weather ceased to exist come Friday evening, students can be seen flocking to Oswego’s nightlife without jackets. These partygoers will stand in the cold waiting for a bus or taxi to their destination dressed as if they’re already inside. Bars do have places to store jackets so patrons are not sweating in their winter gear. Throwing on a jacket and gloves before heading out on the town will make that walk home much more pleasant.

This is a serious health concern. Hypothermia becomes a problem when your body temperature drops below 95 F, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Frostbite can set in and cause a loss of color and feeling in the nose, ears, fingers, cheeks and chin, according to the CDC. If your skin starts to feel numb or turn white or grayish-yellow, the CDC recommends you immediately warm up inside.

So, when heading out into the cold please throw on a warm jacket, a hat and gloves. There’s a good reason as to why you were always told to put on a hat during the winter weather, and it is advice you should heed. Find a cheap hat on Amazon.com, maybe even a hat and glove combination, and you will make it through what is left of this Oswego winter. Also, be smarter with your clothing choices. Please, do not wear shorts.