Weekly EP Revue: ‘For Madeleine’ with love

When Swedish singer-songwriter Seinabo Sey entered the music scene with her debut single, “Younger,” the soulful chanteuse began emerging as one of the best new artists since Adele. With the release of two more singles, “Pistols At Dawn” and “Hard Time,” Sey became an unstoppable force and as year end “Best of…” lists began to surface, Sey’s name continued to grow.

With the release of her debut EP titled “For Madeleine,” released earlier this year, Seinabo Sey will hopefully find her place in the industry. Filled with soul and new-age pop infusions, “For Madeleine” is an incredible compilation of five original tracks and a niche famous remix of her debut “Single.” Sophisticatedly composed and hauntingly beautiful lyrics will hope to make Sey the star she deserves to be.

The lead track off the record is “River.” Quirky and rather frenetic, “River” showcases a revolutionary sense of technique. With vocals that will make listeners feel nostalgic of the heydays of soul music and a beat that would energize the most exhausted club- goer, “River” is more like a piece of artwork.

On “You,” the most obvious comparison to artists like Adele and Emile Sande exists. In line with the type of instrumental ballad of the noted artists, Sey’s “River” maintains her use of heavy basses, while also leaving room for evocative vocals. It is a slow burning track brimming with poignant and vibrant emotion. Listeners are sure to be entranced by her melodies.

“Pistols At Dawn” is the EP’s most impressive track. Intimidating and atmospheric, “Pistols At Dawn” bubbles beneath a surface of outright ferociousness. Through her daggering melodies, Sey provides listeners with a track that is both absorbing and creatively stimulating. This is even more true when the chorus hits and Sey’s raw talent is exposed for listeners.

On “Hard Time,” Sey delves into perhaps her most pop-based endeavor. More rapid in pace and danceable, this track is one of her most impressive. Its construction based through interlacing vocals and swirling beats could definitely aid in the creation of a Top-40 hit.

On “For Madeleine,” Seinabo Sey exhibits herself to be a talented, worthwhile artist. Unlike so many practical and common pop singers, Sey’s use of intricate compositions and beautiful swooning creates a mesmerizing experience. It is truly a standalone masterpiece and deserves to be recognized as such. By far one of the best releases this year, and surely will continue to be lauded in the music press and on the internet.


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  1. I’ve been tracking this shooting star for a little while now. Gosh, great review and I wholeheartedly agree without question. So, I’m confused with your 4 stars. What must it take to get 5 from you is what I’m wondering?

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