Indie series offers free experience for music fans

On Saturday, Nov. 22 in the Village Commons, WNYO will re-introduce the Indie Series, an annual event honoring lesser-known but talented bands.

Greg Giannantonio, the music director of WNYO, described it as “a concert series for up-and-coming artists that aren’t mainstream. That’s what college radio is all about—WNYO helps these artists succeed. It helps bands and students have a good show.”

Giannantonio has been working long and hard to put together an Indie Series concert to remember this year. Not only is it the first time the concert is being held in the Village Commons, a unique venue for such an event, but it is also the first time the concert is free in its history. Giannantonio wants as many students to come to the concert as possible.

“Students are free to just try it out,” Giannantonio said. “That’s why it’s free. Come get a snow cone and hang out and have a good time.”

That’s right. Free snow cones will also be available at the concert.

But it wouldn’t be a concert without great musicians. This year’s concert sees three rising bands come for the Series: Hunters, Ice Balloons and Concord America. Hunters is the main act, a Canadian Indy punk rock group formed in 2006. Ice Balloons performs mainly psychedelic garage music and Concord America is a garage punk band from Atlanta that are inspired a little by even 50s Doo-Wop. In short, the concert brings a diverse trio of bands together for one awesome night of music.

“The concert went from Artswego to WNYO and it was a seamless transition that I’m very pleased with,” Giannantonio said. “It’s something different; there’s nothing else really like it on campus.”

Want more of a reason to come out for the event? Giannantonio said it may be the last one.

“I hope someone can take over,” Giannantonio said. But even so, students can still come out to show their support and love of music to keep the Indie spirit alive.

The Indie Series concert is Nov. 22 in the Village Commons at 7 p.m. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. For more information, search for and like the Oswego Indie Series on Facebook.