Weekly EP Revue: Ella Eyre’s epynomous debut

The past three years have been eventful for Ella McMahon. Known almost exclusively by her stage name Ella Eyre, this 20-year-old songstress has been the subject of much praise and exposure. From collaborations with Bastille on their cover of TLC’s “No Scrubs,” to her featuring on Rudimental’s hit, “Waiting All Night,” Eyre has risen to the top of the U.K.’s music industry. As an accredited songwriter noted for her writing of Changing’s number one hit, “Changing” featuring Paloma Faith. The talent oozing out of Eyre is evident.

Since the release of her debut EP, “Deeper,” Eyre continued to build her fan base across the globe. Facing little recognition in the U.S. Eyre’s latest self-titled EP should help her skyrocket to stardom. The EP as a whole is spectacular. Nearly reaching perfection, Eyre’s vocals paired with moments of danceable beats and unsparing emotions culminate to make what may be one of the year’s best Extended-Plays.

The first track off the record is “If I Go.” For audiences just being introduced to Eyre’s style, this track is the perfect lead in. Fiery and anthemic, “If I Go,” provides listeners with a multidimensional track for any occasion. Whether facing a difficult moment in your life or needing to dance throughout your house, “If I Go” will make you feel as though you can conquer the world.

Her next track is “Comeback.” Filled with fierce vengeance, the instrumentals of “Comeback” paired with Eyre’s unique soulful tones and creative structuring turn what could have been a basic pop track into a blend of genres. It is at one moment triumphant and at others relatable.

The only setback facing Eyre’s latest EP is the inclusion of her previously released track “Deeper.” Despite being a perfectly appealing song with retro, reggae-inspired moments its inclusion on “Ella Eyre” is confusing; especially when listening to some of her tracks that could have been included but were not. Still though, the song has an atmosphere to it that is care-free and relaxing but also entertaining and empowered. It is, once again, a terrific example of Eyre’s talents.

The final track on “Ella Eyre” is “Home.” Most notable as a ballad, “Home” focuses more on the emotion of Eyre’s voice rather than heavy productions. It is an inspiring track that would seemingly fit into the end credits of a powerful film. It’s beautiful    and compelling.

There are few moments in time when an artist comes along and is able to consistently release material that is as striking as it is. Ella Eyre is a rarity. Her vocal talent and ability to put on a stunning experience, despite not being physically present upon listening to her music is a testament to her potential. Her latest EP further proves that she has tremendous talent and whether or not she breaks through the U.S. does not matter because as of now, she is doing pretty well as the queen of the U.K.