Weekly EP Revue: Verité’s echo chamber

When New York City-based singer/songwriter, Kelsey Byrne released a collection of singles throughout this year, she gained mass internet traction. Known by her stage name, Vérité, this young artist hit number one on Hype Machine, has been written about on Buzzfeed, and has debuted songs on Billboard charts. With a sound comparable to a mix of artists ranging from Sara Bareilles to Charli XCX, Vérité comes at a time when the indie-pop genre has reached   new heights.

With the release of her debut EP, “Echo,” Vérité hopes that she may be greeted with the same open arms so many have recently fallen into. With a background and prominence eerily similar to Ryn Weaver of “Octahate” fame, Vérité will most likely garner the same fan base as well. Overall, both Weaver’s and Vérité’s sounds are similar. Each seamlessly blend unique vocal structuring with interesting inter-looping of instrumentals to create something that is different enough to be alternative, but pop enough to be mainstream. These are girls that have high potential to become crossover stars.

The first song off of “Echo,” titled “Strange Enough” is a good lead into the direction audiences can expect the unique singer to go in. From subtle beginnings, the track progressively builds into swirling beats and emotional lyrics. “Strange Enough” is both a forceful ballad and a danceable beat as its obscure blend of solemn melodies and fast-paced beats give listeners experiencing either heartache or those looking for a good time something to listen to.

“Weekend” is the EP’s most effective track. With what seem to be punk influences, this fiery track combines intense instrumentals with sometimes raw vocals to create a new dimension in which Vérité travels.

On the title track, Vérité is the most comparable to HAIM. Through the interlacing of a simple synthetic clap beat with sugary melodies, Vérité creates an atmospheric track that will have indie-pop lovers begging for more. “Echo” is one of the more interesting tracks off of the EP.

Lastly, there is “Heartbeat.” On this song, a style similar to some of Sara Bareilles’ work can be heard. While “Heartbeat” sounds like a far more typical pop-genre track with a more fundamental structure, different aspects of Vérité’s voice will stun listeners into falling in love with     the song.

“Echo” is an impressive collection of releases from a relatively new artist in the industry. Each track could have the potential to become a crossover hit, should she gain the audience. In addition, each track is able to hold its own and will hold some retaining value in listeners’ ears.