This Week’s Horoscopes


If yesterday felt a little slow to you, then today you’re likely to feel slightly anxious, thanks to outside influences. A specific circumstance may develop with situations already attached. Give it a chance before you give up on it; you may surprise yourself and others.


Personal expenses are always well-expected, but you may need to be a little strict with yourself today, especially when it comes to your spending. A more resistant approach will be needed to see that future issues do not affect you as much as they could.


The hectic vibe you have been experiencing lately is likely to recede and slow down. This may not be what you planned, but it is probably just what you need. Seek out some quiet leisure quests. Do something different today, it will be well worth it.


You have developed a tendency to overlook one possibility and focus on more unrealistic goals. Spend more time focusing on things besides the final results. Doing so may actually draw your attention to more efficient routes.


A slightly edgy influence suggests minor tensions are likely to bubble up unnecessarily. Broadly, your relationships are likely to be under slight strain from the start. You might see minor professional clashes if so, aim to defuse the mood.


A heated moment may bring out a competitive side not really associated with thoughtfulness. It may help you to remember communication is a two-way process. The tone of something you hear is very likely to hinge on whether you have been generous or inclusive.


Your energy and enthusiasm should start to come back after a down mood recently. Friendships will get a boost, while romantic matters could get a help too. The only weak point involves a possible routine issue, you may ignore the pressing matter for now, but not forever.


There’s a slight tendency to generalize and second-guess outcomes. Although you may be able to see what others can’t just yet, try not to let inner-feelings rule your reactions until you have checked the precision of what you hear or learn. Restrained reactions will serve you well.



It’s a day where you’ll certainly benefit from having more energetic company. Fiery impulses will make you a force to be reckoned with, and you may need a similarly lively, bubbly individual, as opposed to, quiet and reflective type for company.


An ability to pick up other people’s thoughts and feelings should make this day an easy one in some respects, although an overly pessimistic approach to ongoing issues could primarily cause some friction. Avoid judgmental statements. Don’t test others’ patience too much.


Your sensitivity could dent your definite sense of objectivity. You really would prefer to spend some time focusing on a practical matter, then worry about how you express this matter to colleagues and friends alike. It’s certainly a day to keep others on side however.


Today’s glorious potential will act like a green light for anything linked to creativity or your imagination. Workers can get ahead on the work front; shoppers may find one or two fabulous bargains. An old idea that didn’t work out at first might finally work out now.