Weekly EP Revue: Jaymes Young’s bad habits

In 2013, a lot happened for relatively unknown artist Jaymes Young. He signed to Atlantic Records, toured with London Grammar and released his debut EP, “Dark Star.” Earlier this year, the young singer-songwriter was featured on “The Fault In Our Stars” soundtrack alongside Birdy. Now, with the release of his latest EP, entitled “Habits Of My Heart,” Young hopes to keep himself busy in 2014

Ultimately, “Habits Of My Heart” is an entertaining sophomore entry from a small name indie-pop artist. As each track progresses, a variety of audiences will find something appealing in this alternative self-release.

The EP opens with the title track “Habits Of My Heart,” in which Young provides listeners with an interesting blend of lyrics, singing and instrumentals. Influenced heavily by R&B, the song is filled with solemn vocals and basic lyrical structure, telling the same stories of heartbreak and letting go told over and over again. But when the track seems to fall into a heap of plainness, “Habits Of My Heart” is made interesting through its eccentric beats and use of synths.

“I’ll Be Good” is the EP’s most forgettable track. In one ear and out the other, it’s as if Young put together a strong set of four songs, then threw in this uninspiring song. “I’ll Be Good” provides very low amounts of uniqueness in a musical landscape saturated by saddened Caucasians     with guitars.

With “What Should I Do,” Young reclaims some of the lost credibility from the previous track. It’s a far more entertaining track that provides more than enough indie-pop appeal. Once again showcasing a strong understanding of how to mix exceptional beats with not-so cookie cutter melodies; “What Should I Do” could work as easily in a coffee shop as it could on a dance floor.

By far the best track of “Habits Of My Heart” is “Come Back To Me.” Once again playing the part of a heartbroken man, Young is able to separate himself from the rest through his blending of intricate rhythms and melodic vocals. It’s a confident, dark little gem that is definitely worth a listen.

Overall, while Young sometimes plays into some elementary, safe moments, the EP, as a whole, is above average. Overlooking these moments, there are times when Young shows potential as a true artist with defined style and individuality. “Habits Of My Heart” is a far more edgier showing than some releases.


3 thoughts on “Weekly EP Revue: Jaymes Young’s bad habits

  1. Such a harsh criticism on Jaymes. You messed up a lot in this review. “Black star”?, it’s “Dark Star”, you also got “Come Back For Me” wrong. I’m tired of seen so many reviews from all over the spectrum criticizing so many things. Please next time do a little more research on what you’re writing about, in this case you could call this review, “Riley’s bad habits”

    1. Hi Louie, I am sorry you were not happy with my review. However, if you had read it through completely you would have noted that I do commend Young on some of his music.

  2. “I’ll be good” is the one best songs I have ever heard. Not only is this intimate ballad getting rave reviews, it it selling like crazy.

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