Stressful days make happy weeks

As every year of my life passes before me, I see things change. Whether personal, social or larger-scaled, everything seems like it is in a constant process of formation and reformation. People change, politics change and society itself changes. New laws are established and old legislation is brought down. The world itself is constantly growing. People are growing: I am growing.

Everything feels as though it moves fast; and yet some things feel slow. I feel like college has progressed incredibly fast, but days can seem long. At any given moment I have papers due, tests to study for, or media to create; people to see, places to go. Maybe I’ve joined too much, but if I enjoy it all, then why stop?

At the end of the day, I’d feel better saying that I did everything I wanted to do than say I didn’t do enough. Between balancing classes and organizations and trying to maintain a social life, I still find a way to have a good time. Paying attention in class, taking in everything around you, and still having moments of relaxation are key. But still having the ability to laugh, be around friends and discover new things should be important. Balance is important. Work hard, but don’t forget to make the most out of your time.

This is all especially true in college. In potentially less than two years, I will have graduated from Oswego with degrees in political science and public relations. I’ll leave with grades and information that I will attempt to turn into a career and will hopefully land a job that I love. But, for the next portion of my life here, it will be important to remember just how fast things move; how quickly they grow. Every moment–both in and out of the classroom–is a chance to absorb new experiences and I, along with everyone else, should make the most of this.

I equate my life to Jenga; where throughout the course of the game you’re pulling things in and out of your life and hypothetically stacking new things on top. But like Jenga, life is fun. Life is stressful yet enjoyable, strategic but entertaining, slow in the moment, fast in the end. So, at the end of the day you should enjoy your life. Make the most of every moment and be yourself.