Campus Recreation Report

Tyler Penberthy of Hustlin Homies attempts an interception in the men’s competitive flag football league.  (Photo provided by Campus Recreation)
Tyler Penberthy of Hustlin Homies attempts an interception in the men’s competitive flag football league. (Photo provided by Campus Recreation)

The men’s beach volleyball finals took place on Sept. 26 at 6 p.m. at the Volleyball Courts behind Oneida.  We love Sloppy Sets took on the Volleybrawlers.  Both teams won 2-0 in the semifinals, which brought them into the final game with a strong, competitive edge.

In the finals, both teams played with intensity in hopes of winning the coveted championship T-shirt. Volleybrawlers took the lead, winning the first set 25-14.  We Love Sloppy Sets pulled it together and came out hard the next two sets, defeating Volleybrawlers 25-10 and 25-20.

“It’s been our goal from day one to win the league and when we accomplished our feat, it was just an exhilarating feeling,” said Jake Lawley, captain of We Love Sloppy Sets. “The heart and passion each one of our guys exemplifies cannot be matched by any team.  We take pride in our game and strive to become the best Oswego has to offer.”

The co-rec beach volleyball championship took place on Sept. 27 at 3 p.m. at the Volleyball Courts behind Oneida.  Gabby Likes to Get Bumped faced off against Kiss My Ace for the title.

Gabby Likes to Get Bumped proved to be a threat to the competition early on, easily defeating Eskimo Family, Rack City and Safe Sets as they advanced through the league.

Kiss My Ace dominated in the co-rec recreational league and continued its hot streak as they made the transition into tougher play in the competitive league. The team, led by Tyler Wuest, breezed by the competition to earn its spot in the finals.

Kiss My Ace continued its winning streak in the championship game, defeating Gabby Likes to Get Bumped in two sets, 25-18 and 25-22. The team was strategic with their ball placement, alternating between tips and spikes. Constantly communicating, Kiss My Ace worked as a cohesive unit. The team didn’t give up at any point of the match; even in scrappy situations, team members were diving for a ball, even if it looked to be dead. Gabby Likes to Get Bumped started to heat up toward the end of the second set, but Kiss My Ace sided out and had a breakaway for the 2-0 victory.

“It feels good to win,” said Tyler Wuest, captain of Kiss My Ace. “We had a long road to get here. We’ve overcome adversity, but in the end we won.”

Wuest contributed the win to the friendships with his teammates, which allowed them to effectively communicate with each other.

The flag football league had a running start the weekend before fall break as teams battled through the rainy weather to establish a prominent position among the competition. With 31 teams in the men’s competitive league, it sure was a strong kickoff for the long road ahead in the fight for a high seed in the playoffs.

Regular season play started on Sept. 26, where the competitive atmosphere boldly emerged, bringing out the strengths and weaknesses of many teams.  Hellhounds defeated Oswego’s Very Own, 50-19, in a quick sweep and Balls Deep made a 24-12 advance over Dead Presidents.

Saturday proved to be a day full of teams hungry for victory. Save the Receipt, won 34-6, against Dead Presidents and SODMG beat Eskimo Brothers in a whopping 48-8 game. Win or Lose We All Booze triumphed over Team SAE, 35-6.

Although the weather on Sunday was disappointing, the level of play in the league, however, was not. Save the Receipt defeated The Guild, 30-6, and Sticky Hands beat Backyard Mellonheads, 26-8. In addition, Win or Lose We All Booze grinded out a 26-19 win over Hustlin Homies.

SODMG, led by Captain Michael Putillo, continued its strong start with a 56-0 shutout game against Delta Kappa Kappa in its second game of the season.

When asked about the league, Putillo replied, “Every one of our guys wants to win, plain and simple.  To be honest, we’re the best, they know we’re the best, and we’re bringing it every week.”

With such confident words from a highly competitive team, it will be interesting to see how far SODMG will advance in the playoffs.

The last game of the weekend played out between Sunshine’s Coffee Shop and Channel 5 News Crew.  Sunshine’s Coffee Shop, led by Adam Cesarini, emerged as the victor, 27-16.

“It felt good to win both games,” Cesarini said. “It was a fun weekend, even having to play in the rain. We hope to keep winning and make it to the playoffs, which will be the first for me.”

Currently, Save the Receipt, Hellhounds 2.0 and Sticky Hands are tied for first place in the men’s competitive league.  Regular season play will continue through Sunday, Oct. 19.