This Week’s Horoscopes


Your recent string of luck has you thinking that life cannot get any better. You’ve been on a roll of successes and achievement. Beware however, more unsettled influences will move in your direction tomorrow. Be vigilant and pay attention to detail; don’t rely on your luck holding out for much longer.


There will be something that undermines what is likely to be a successful day. Moods of those around you might still shift regardless, and any good intentions you make might make matters all the more conflicting. Be mindful of other people’s boundaries, especially in the workplace. It is better to let people sort their own issues out today.


Yesterday’s obstructions and issues should dissipate rather quickly today. When it comes to cash matters, answers to deal with these issues will appear from unexpected sources. It looks to be a good day, as long as you keep matters you should not get involved with out of your hands.


To slow down is the best advice that anyone can give you at this very moment. Influences show that you are making great strides in a particular project, but today is the day to double check your work and perhaps take what you have already to the next level. This will only make the final project all the better.


You could find that you’re pulled in two directions today. Part of you will want to exert control over a situation. While on the other hand, you may feel that going with the flow will be the better option. Confide in a friend Leo for advice with this decision, all should be calm in the end.


A disciplined and arranged approach to petty problems will be appreciated and will clear the air for you today, Virgo. Sweeping things under the carpet will not help solve those small reoccurring issues. Make things clear and consistent today.


Relationships and other emotional matters are potentially going to shift perspective. Something you thought was not important may quickly become very big in your life. Don’t worry. You will have time to prepare for this shift. Planets suggest it will not have to be something you will have to correct.


It might be a rather emotional day for you. You should be very careful to not be too demanding with those who surround you, especially those who love you. Plants suggest that if you want the day to end stress free, put elasticity into your arguments and leave room for change.


A lingering matter that really should be resolved once and for all is likely to show no signs of dissipating. With this, you may find yourself having difficulty speaking your mind. Do not get frustrated if someone is not listening. Today is just not the day to solve this problem, or hunt for solutions.


You will find that you’re feeling emotionally sensitive today over long overdue issues. You are likely to desire quality time with really serious company or best friends, quietly to discuss the situation. This will prove to be one of those days where you finally get to reconnect with these people and that alone will make your emotions drastically dissipate.


You should be able to enjoy a major achievement in your life today, with the help of strong communication. With that being said, Aquarius, do not try and achieve more than you are due. Spend today rewarding yourself and relaxing. Do not spread yourself thin.


Today something might go wrong, or you might get a little off-course. Do not take this too seriously, Pisces. This is actually likely to generate some humor among those around you and may lead to an ever more appreciative response. This situation might lead you to meeting important new people, for the good.