Teams don’t ‘Panic’ in 48-hour film festival

The Oswego State Film Club is gearing up to host the second annual Panic 48-Hour Film Festival, beginning on Wednesday, Sept. 28 at 6 p.m. The festival asks entrants to write, shoot and edit a horror film within a 48-hour time limit. About 15 teams of four start work after they receive the rules for the contest through an email simultaneously.

Judges for the contest include Joshua Adams, Jacob Dodd and Bob O’Connor, all of whom have extensive background in film. The judges will be looking for creativity, production skills and the incorporation of mystery, according to contest administrators.

Since this is a horror film festival, this year teams must have a black screen with a warning at the beginning of their films for graphic or mature material said Kim Behzadi, president of Oswego film club. Allain Daigle, who was instrumental in organizing the contest, said teams are also barred from using traditional weapons to prevent university police from expecting foul play.

Dylan Fredette, a first time Panic Film Festival competitor said that while deciding on a plot for the film, his team “basically just threw ideas against the wall and waited for something to stick. It was kind of a mutual epiphany for the entire group once we got the idea.”

“Fourty-eight hours sounds really short but ends up being so much longer than you would imagine,” he said.

Fredette’s team will be acting in their own film.

“It can be difficult to find actors sometimes. While it isn’t the preferred method, it can be a lot easier to just act in your own movie,” he said.

When asked about his motivation for entering the competition, Fredette cited his interest in the genre.

“I love horror movies, especially B Horror,” Fredette said. “Things like Evil Dead, Reanimator, or Dead Alive. They manage to stay silly enough to keep the gore and violence in check.”

Behzadi said she never thought the festival would evolve so quickly.

“I’m so proud. It’s the coolest experience knowing you contributed to something bigger than yourself,” she said. “Allain has gone above and beyond and I need to give credit where credit is due.”

Screening for the completed films will take place Sunday, Oct. 2nd at 2 p.m. in room 101 of Lanigan Hall. Those interested in joining the Film Club are asked to attend their meetings are every Thursday at 7 p.m. in the Campus Center auditorium.