Puddle of Mudd
Photo provided by last.fm


With various hits like “She Hates Me,” “Control,” and “Away From Me,” Puddle of Mudd has made themselves known as a hardcore rock group.  Their newest album, “Re:(disc)covered” is full of classic covers, including hits from AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones.

While most bands that play covers generally add their own little twists, Puddle of Mudd plays these covers very true to the original compositions.  However, there are some spots where you can clearly hear Puddle of Mudd’s hardcore sound, such as “Everybody Wants You,” originally performed by Billy Squier.  But for the most part, these songs all sound more like the classic hits rather than what you’d expect from Puddle of Mudd. This isn’t a bad thing. These covers are every bit enjoyable as the originals and listeners who are not fans of the classics already might want to brush up on them.