U.P. investigating noose incident

A noose was found on the shore of Lake Ontario on the town and college border Saturday, John Rossi, University Police assistant chief, confirmed.

U.P. arrived at the scene after a student notified them at 7 p.m. Saturday evening. Police arriving at the scene took a picture of the noose before taking it down, Julie Blissert, director of public affairs said.

"It was in a place not many people would see it, I understand," Blissert said. "It’s hard to tell who put it there and why."

Rossi described the rope as old and decaying, like it had been in the water. There was no indication of how long the noose had been there, or that it was planned.

"It was hard to tell what the intention, if there was any intention, behind it was," Blissert said.

U.P. is currently interviewing people who had been in the area and at the water treatment facility plant nearby. They were unable to obtain fingerprints from the rope, Blissert said.

The noose has not been classified as a hate crime because it was not directed at an individual, Blissert said.

An e-mail was from Oswego State President Deborah Stanley to alert students of the incident.