Memorial pays tribute to loving father, professor

as an assistant professor of psychology and continued to work at the university for over 13 years. "He was determined to be a teacher even throughout his illness," Stanley said, "His passion was working with students."

Many people were affected by this passion. Erin Halligan, a former student of Klatsky’s commented on how much of an impact he had on her as adviser, friend and mentor. Dr. Nola Heidlebaugh also said how much of a friend Klatsky was to her through her own hard times.

Throughout his life as a good friend, Klatsky devoted his life to being a father and husband, as he considered himself "the luckiest man on the face of the planet," as Brand said during the service.

Klatsky’s wife, Rhonda Mandel, described the many characteristics Klatsky had that went along with what Brand said. "The thing that impressed me most about Gary… was his realness," she said. She remembered how he used to say, "Joy in life comes from everyday life you share," and how little moments to him were perfect moments in life.

The memorial service reflected the merit and overwhelming kindness of Klatsky throughout his service as teacher, professional, husband and father. Klatsky, before he passed, worked with his family and coworkers to design the Dr. Gary J. Klatsky Scholarship. This scholarship is intended to continue the work Klatsky did with students at Oswego State, remembering his compassion and loyalty to his work in life and at the university.